Almir  Zeco


Årgang U11 – U22

Dear players, coaches and parents,

Players who are starting up into U11 teams are in a very important period of their individual development.

They start playing “competitive basketball” and our plan is to help them develop individual skills, both offensive and defensive, and guide them through this period helping them to become successful basketball players.

It is natural to expect that our U11 -U22 teams become more successful in their competitions. It is coming together with player’s individual improvement.

Almir Zeco - Sportschef i BKA

Focus in the club is to develop young players and give them the chance to play in our men’s or women’s team and of course on highest possible level in the future.

Because of that, we organized individual talent practices where players can work individually with some of our best coaches.

Specific part of our new organization is connection between teams. Head coaches from younger teams are at the same time assistant coaches in older teams (f.ex U13 head coach has assistant coach role in U15 team).

That kind of approach will give us better communication between the coaches and better insight for talent and individual development of players.

The other specific news in our new organization are internal coaches clinics and meetings where we are going to share ideas and help coaches to understand which specific skills we want to develop and which kind of basketball our young teams should play.

We have good coaches in BK Amager and we think that is important to have qualified people who are taking care of development of our young players.

We established our specific standards, culture and way of practicing in the process of development that all our members, players and coaches follow.

Almir Zeco