Amager Mini Cup 21 – 23 January 2022

It is our pleasure to invite all teams and clubs to participate in Amager Mini Cup.

Cup setup:

  • The age groups are: U13 (born in 2009-10), U11 (born in 2011-12), and U9 (born in 2013-2014), boys and girls.
  • We guarantee at least 3 matches per team, our goal is 4-6 matches per team.
  • There will be played A-and B-finals. All teams that advance from the initial group play (groups of 3-5 teams playing Round-Robin) to either A- or B-playoffs, where the team will have to win their matches to advance further in the Cup.
  • The tournament starts Friday 21 January 2022 at 17:00 and the last final starts on Sunday 23 January at 19:00


The Cup takes place in Amagerhallen and Travbanehallen, Løjtegårdsvej 62 to 64, 2770 Kastrup/Copenhagen, and on a nearby schools.


Deadline is Thursday the 23rd December 2021 via Registration is only valid upon confirmation by e-mail, and timely payment of team fee.


Team fee is DKK 1300 per team.

Payment (team fee and guest card):

Deadline for payment is Thursday the 30th of December 2021. Payment must be made to BK Amager account in Danske Bank:

Swift Code: DABADKKK, IBAN No: DK DK5230000012568215

Guest Card:

Amager Mini Cup offers the possibility of buying a guest card for only DKK 600 per person. The card includes the following:

Friday: Dinner.

Saturday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sunday: Breakfast and lunch.

Mini guest card:

Is intended for participants who are in the gym all weekend but does not sleep there eg. parents. It costs DKK 300 and covers 2 x lunch (Saturday and Sunday) and Dinner Saturday.


Visiting teams who buy guest cards will be offered accommodation in a nearby school, Løjtegårdsskolen, Løjtegårdsvej 36, 2770 Kastrup (5 min. walk away) and all dining will take place in Travbanehallen (next to Amagerhallen).

You can rent an airbed for the weekend for DKK 30 (limited airbeds available).

Prizes (max. 12 medals per team):

First place A-final: trophy and medals

Second place A-final: medals and MVP nomination and prize.

First place B-final: medals

Second place B-final: medals

Tournament behaviour

BK Amager expects that everyone will behave correctly at Amager Mini Cup. We believe that it is possible to combine a competitive tournament with good behaviour and a good team spirit – also towards the opponent teams.

It is an increasing problem to find referees to officiate basket games in tournaments in Denmark. BK Amager is using all tournaments that we host to mature our young referees. This is a process that will continue into the future, including at Amager Mini Cup.

At previous cups we have experienced unacceptable behaviour from players, coaches as well as spectators towards referees. This will not be accepted.

Violation of normal good-behaviour may result in disqualification from the cup. We would like to remind all participants that this is a tournament for young boys and girls and that everybody should have a fantastic weekend, no matter what level the individual is playing at.

Please include club name and registration number on the payment.


Questions can be directed to BK Amager: Phone +45 6178 1094 or email:

News from Amager Mini Cup can be followed here, as well as in the ’Amager Mini Cup’ app for Android and Apple.


BK Amager will take all necessary precautions in order to ensure that Amager Mini Cup is secure with respect to Covid-19. We expect that there will be limited access to the gyms where the games are played. We also expect some limitation for spectators to the games. It is yet unknown if there will be cafe’s in the gyms. The details related to Covid-19 precautions will be communicated later.

Despite of Covid-19, we expect to see many basketball teams play a lot of exiting basket games. We follow all Covid-precautions regulated by the Danish government and expect all participants to do the same.