Velkommen til Tomas

Det er med stor glæde at herreholdet Idag kan præsentere end spiller, som vender hjem til klubben: Tomas Bjarkason

Almir har følgende beskrivelse af Tomas:

When I came to BK Amager, 3 years ago, I said that I have two important goals as sportchef and men’s team head coach:

– All our players have to see BK Amager as place where they can develop and get a chance to become men’s or women’s team players.
– BK Amager players, after coming back from college, high school, efterskole… have to recognize BK Amager as club with vision and as serious project where they have the chance to continue their basketball development  
In last two seasons a lot of players, both in youth and senior teams, came back to the club and it is a signal that we are moving in right direction.
One of the players who are coming back is Tomas Bjarkason.
Tomas is coming back to BK Amager, after playing in Svendborg and one year at college where he unfortunately had problems with injury.
He is athletic and physically strong player who will make more competition on both forward positions.
I am sure that our staff, especially Per and Nicholas are going to do their best to help him to be ready for the season.

Welcome home, Tomas